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Exclusive Zepp Test Print 38

This 6" x 4" print shows Manson in the hallway of the photo studio during the shooting of the cover of Mechanical Animals. Manson shared Zepp's photo on his Instagram of his personal copy of this very picture.
Note: The feet aren't blurred on the actual print image
The story of the test prints:
In 2019 my friend Zepp Savini (Marilyn Manson's personal assistant from 1995-2002) and I started work on putting together a book and print collection of his hundreds of photographs from his time with Manson, on tour, and living with Manson, Twiggy and Rose McGowan in the Hollywood Hills during the making of Mechanical Animals in 1998.
Tragically Zepp passed away from a motorcycle accident in 2020 and the project was never completed. I'm offering a selection of test prints Zepp and I had made and each one is individually stickered and hand signed by Zepp on the reverse. Perfect for framing up.
Only a few of these hundreds of pictures for the project have ever been seen and I hope you enjoy having these pieces are they are true relics for a collector. We hope to have some more available in the next soon once we've moved and go through everything in storage.

Exclusive Zepp Test Print 38

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