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Marilyn Manson Stage Worn and Used 2016 Striped Stocking

We're pleased to be able to offer an incredible highlight collection piece for any Marilyn Manson fan. This complete stocking was worn around Manson's neck during various songs and performances during the 2016 Hell Not Hallelujah Tour. Manson had a few different ones he'd use around his neck during the tour. You can see in the additional photo of another he would wear, most of the heavily used ones were thrown away. This particular stocking still has Manson's powder make up on it at the very end where it must have been resting against his face.
Note: This piece comes with just the stocking not the frame with our poster and pass. We will be including some extra things from the tour with this piece though for free to the buyer.
Comes with an additional full Certificate of Authenticity from The Marilyn Manson Collection.
These are the LAST Marilyn Manson stage used pieces we will be offering for sale. Our last stage worn white shirt fabric pieces sold right away.

Marilyn Manson Stage Worn and Used 2016 Striped Stocking

795.00AU$ Regular Price
595.00AU$Sale Price
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