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“There was simply no one else like him. He lived the name Zepp, he lived a rock n' roll adventure, and he lived an everyday life with just as much character. He created adventures his whole life, and chased every interest with unparalleled intensity. Up until the last days of his life, he was always creating something unique, from his wild asian cooking to his fitness regimen. He lived his life with a strong sense of ethics and responsibility. He was a deeply caring husband, brother, and son. They do not make men like him anymore. Solid, forthright, trustworthy, strong. He was a singular character in the world, and he lived that way his whole life. He was loved. He will be missed. He cannot be replaced."

- Alison (Zepp's Wife)


November 17, 1964 - December 03, 2020



For those who may not know, my dear friend Joseph ‘Zepp’ Savini was Marilyn Manson's assistant for the seven years between 1995-2002. I wanted to put something together for him here to commemorate his legacy and archive some of the many photos he shared with me over our years of friendship.

Back in 1994, Zepp's favourite band was Marilyn Manson. As with all his greatest passions in life, he consumed everything the band had to offer with enormous fervour and intensity. He would leave messages for the band members via the fanclub line, send them home-made videos of himself performing their songs and wait outside the venues they played for hours – often in the freezing snow. Eventually, he was accepted as part of the Manson Family.

In 2020, Zepp and I spent over six months working through his immense collection of unseen photos taken while working with Manson – many of which were captured while he lived with Manson, Twiggy and Rose in 1998 (during the creation of Mechanical Animals). Zepp recognised and respected the dedication and enthusiasm of Manson’s fanbase; he wanted to share his unique insights into the band’s history by offering prints of his photographs for sale. In addition to preserving the band’s legacy, he wanted to make enough money to come back and visit Australia – to soak up the sea and sunshine, as he had done in January 1999 (during Manson’s tour with the Big Day Out Festival) and again in February 2020.

Sadly, this wasn't to be. On December 3rd, after sustaining multiple severe injuries from a motorcycle accident, Zepp passed away.

I want his legacy to live on, as do all who knew him and were closest to him – so with the blessing of his loved ones, I will be offering his photographs for sale via the MMC. All proceeds from the sale of Zepp’s photos will be donated to his family and wife (Alison) to help cover his medical bills and assist wherever needed.

I will be updating this page each week with more images, stories, and strictly limited-edition prints for sale. I have also included a guestbook below. If you had the honour of meeting Zepp over the years or would just like to leave a message for his family, please feel free to sign it. I encourage you to share your photographs, stories and anecdotes!

Thanks so much for your time. ROCK ON ZEPP!

- Adam (MMC Owner)

T H E   G A L L E R Y   O F   Z E P P

-  U P D A T E D   W E E K L Y   |   C L I C K   I M A G E   F O R   M O R E   I N F O


E X C L U S I V E   Z E P P   P R I N T S

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